• Medical Health

    Medical Health

    CLH is recognized for its expertise in Custom Medical Cable Design and Development including Patient Monitoring Cables, ECG Cables, CT Cables,Surgical Cables, Cables for Electrophysiology and Custom Engineered Connector solution

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  • Automotive


    CLH is your partner for special cable assemblies used in automotive, truck, bus and off-road vehicle applications

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  • Lighting


    CLH is one of best suppliers of Philips Lighting and an expert in design and manufacture of waterproof and UV resistant lighting cables

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  • Industrial Application

    Industrial Application

    Industrial cable assemblies must be as dependable as every part of the equipment they control. To minimize downtime, maximize ROI and manage your operations, you need a cabling system that provides complete control and provides the right data at the right time.

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  • Communication


    CLH offers customers quality product consultation and technical support on Military or commercial communication cable

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  1. Medical Health
  2. Automotive
  3. Lighting
  4. Industrial Application
  5. Communication
  • Auto Wire Harness and Cable Assembly Auto Wire Harness and Cable Assembly
  • Wire harness for lifting equipment Wire harness for lifting equipment
  • Cable Assembly for scanner Cable Assembly for scanner
  • High-End Cable Assembly High-End Cable Assembly
  • High frequency transmission cable High frequency transmission cable
  • Two-way radio CABLE Two-way radio CABLE
  • SPO2 Cable SPO2 Cable
  • ECG Cable ECG Cable
  • Oxygen Sensor Cable Oxygen Sensor Cable
  • Cigarette Lighter Adapter Cigarette Lighter Adapter
  • Parking related device cable Parking related device cable
  • Cable Assembly for LED lighting Cable Assembly for LED lighting
  • Water proof lighting Cable (IP68) Water proof lighting Cable (IP68)
  • Micro Coaxial Cable Micro Coaxial Cable
  • B-Ultrasound Cable B-Ultrasound Cable
  • Glucometer cable Glucometer cable
  • Two-way radio Cable2 Two-way radio Cable2
  • RG Cable RG Cable
  • Car Seat Control Cable Car Seat Control Cable
  • CNC Display Cable CNC Display Cable
  • Water proof Cable2 (IP68) Water proof Cable2 (IP68)

Q: Years in cables/wire business
A: Over 20 years. CLH is a specialist in special cable like waterproof, fire/bending/pull/oil- resistance cable.

Q: Except for cables & assembly, what else can offer to customer

A: CLH invested in a PCBA factory in 2021

Q: Type of business:  Manufacturer, Distributor, Other (specify)?
A: Design & Manufacturer.

Q: Total number of employees
A: Around 800 China 200 Vietnam 600

Q: Overall financial performance measured in sales last three years (in US$ million)
A: 18.3(2019), 26.6(2020), 30.3(2021)

Q: Please list your top 3 customers
A: Philips, Motorola, TOSHIBA (Year 2021)

Q: How long does it take for cost analysis?
A: 3~5 working days.

Q: How long does it take for sample?
A: It will take about 2 weeks.

Q: What is CLH Strength?
A: Quick & professional response, flexible service


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